10 Good Qualities Of A Teacher Students Look For

March 01, 2021 Tutor

A great teacher can inspire many young minds that build the future of a nation. Moreover, the teacher’s job is not limited to sharing his or her knowledge with the students. It is also the responsibility of a teacher to motivate them to be interested in learning. Therefore, it is not an easy task for anybody to be a teacher unless one possesses the good qualities of a teacher.

Having said so, many teachers in schools fail to understand the crucial role they play in the student’s lives. Not only that, most of them do not realize that they have the power to improve the society or community they live in.

So, what makes a good teacher?

Well, there are no limits when it comes to point out the characteristics of a good teacher. It is simply because they are in charge of shaping up the future of a country socially and economically.

Besides, students need to feel comfortable and confident with the teachers to better absorb the knowledge. So, it is the job of a teacher to make sure that students are happy with his or her teaching skills.

Let us find out the good qualities of a teacher students look for.

10 Good Qualities Of A Teacher Students Look For:

1. Clear and Effective Communication

Effective communication is the first step of every relationship. So, it is for a student-teacher relationship. The clearer the teachers communicate, the better the students can learn. Besides, the students can feel a lot more comfortable with the teachers who can communicate effectively while giving feedback to the students. So, it is one of the good qualities of a professional teacher that students like.

2. Active Listening Skill

When the teachers are ready to listen to what the students have to say, the communication can become more effective. Also, by being an active listener, the teacher can understand the learning barriers of students. Besides, listening to students implies that the teacher values their words. Thus, it helps to build a bond of mutual respect between a student and a teacher.

3. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is one of the best traits of a good teacher. Many teachers create an atmosphere of fear in the classroom knowingly or unknowingly. This can prevent the students from asking questions or even sharing their opinions. The teachers need to hold a positive attitude all the time so that the students get that positive vibe from them. Thus, it can even inspire the students to do better academically.

4. Unbiased Treatment

This is one of the best qualities of an ideal teacher. Biases are common amongst the teachers in schools. Many times teachers like to pick their favorites based on the academic scores. This kind of attitude of a teacher can ruin the trust and confidence of the students. Students look for teachers who can treat each individual equally.

5. Patience

Patience is one of the major strengths of a good teacher. All the students are not gifted with the same IQ. Moreover, there are students with learning disabilities. So, one of the good qualities of a teacher is to exhibit immense patience with each student. Thus, it can make the learning process easier for the students.

6. Empathy

Not everyone is born with the best teaching qualities. But, it is possible to learn the personal and professional qualities of a teacher in time. Being empathetic to the student means that a teacher truly understands the problems faced by them. Also, when you show empathy to a person, that person confides in you easily. This is what a student looks for to be able to express his feelings to the teacher. So, showing empathy is one of the good qualities a teacher must possess.

7. Ability To Understand Each Student

It is the job of a teacher to understand the learning needs of each pupil in a classroom. This is one of the best qualities of a good teacher. Once teachers can understand their students, they will be able to apply different teaching skills for different individuals. Besides, customized learning can get the best out of each student.

8. Sense of Humor

Students of any age love having some fun in the classroom. This makes the learning interesting. A teacher with a good sense of humor is loved by all. Adding little humor in between sessions can make the learning more productive and effective.

9. Mastery over The Subject

The most important quality of an effective teacher is mastery over the subject. A teacher with a vast knowledge of a subject can clear the doubts of the students. Students feel confident when a teacher can answer any of their questions.

10. Positive Feedback and Appreciation

Last but not the least, one of the main attributes of a good teacher is being able to give positive feedback to the students. The teachers’ feedback and encouraging words can increase the qualities of a good student. Appreciations can motivate them to achieve greater results. Having said so, genuine feedback to improve performance with specific details can even help the low-performers.

Despite students seeking for best teacher qualities, not all the schools and colleges pay special attention to this. So, schools and colleges need to list the best skills and good qualities of a teacher before appointing them. This approach should be in the best interest of the students because as they say” Students are pillars of the nation.”


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