• What is My Tutor?

    My Tutor is an online learning platform featuring courses to enhance and simplify education around a global spectrum. My Tutor’ s foundation was based on the evaluation of basic educational standards provided across the global and recognizing areas of improvement that we as a community can support. Our subjects range from core subjects taught in the classroom but with one on one individualized attention. My Tutor offers another avenue for individuals passionate about teaching to become specialized in their subjects.
  • Is My Tutor an American based online tutoring company?

    Yes, My Tutor is based in the United States
  • Who can join My Tutor?

    My Tutor encourages students from colleges and universities all over the US to join as peer tutors and share their knowledge to help other students improve their grades. We are looking for a minimum GPA of 3.2. Experienced tutors are also welcome to join us. As far as learners are concerned, we look forward to helping students from various grades starting from elementary school, high school, and college.
  • How does My Tutor work?

    My Tutor provides a complete online learning platform wrapped in an application. The tutor can signup by providing all the details and certificates showing their qualification and set the availability timings as My Tutor application allows them to create flexible schedules as per the requirements. The students can signup with their basic information and request for one-to-one video call session as per their availability during the day.
  • Does My Tutor have any specific tool for online learning?

    Yes, My Tutor android and iOS apps are available for faster and easy communication. My Tutor app has all the facilities within the app right from searching for the perfect tutor to taking online video classes within the app.
  • Do I have to pay to register with My Tutor Inc?

    Registering with My Tutor is free for both students and tutors. However, students need to pay for starting a session.
  • How do I get a tutor on My Tutor?

    After you register yourself as a student, you will be able to search for tutors as per your requirements. Also, you can get a list of suggested tutors by My Tutor itself. You can click on the tutor’s name and check the profile of the tutor.
  • How do I make payment for my online sessions?

    You can make a payment through your PayPal account.
  • Is there a cancellation fee for canceling a session?

    You cannot cancel a session once it is booked. You will still be charged for the session if you do not attend it.
  • How do I register to be a tutor?

    You need to sign up as a tutor and provide all the details along with your certificates.
  • How do I start an online lesson as a tutor?

    You can go to the session details page and there will be an option of Call Now. By pressing that button, the call will be initiated.
  • How do I approve a lesson from a student?

    You get notifications in the app once you are logged in as a tutor. You have the option to deny or approve any session as per your convenience.
  • How can I get students on My Tutor?

    Once you are approved as a tutor, your profile becomes visible publicly. If the students choose you as their tutor, you can get the notification of the session approval request in the app.
  • Can I share my phone number with the student?

    No, you are not allowed to share any personal information of any kind with the student or their parents during the session.
  • How can I get help in case of a technical issue?

    You can write an email at icpc@mytutor.app or you can simply fill the Contact Us form in the Settings section.
  • What if I want the same tutor again?

    You can schedule a session with the same tutor as per the availability of the tutor.
  • What if my tutor can’t help me?

    In case of any issue with the tutor, you can reach out to us by emailing us at icpc@mytutor.app.
  • How can I schedule an online session with a tutor?

    You can go to the tutor’s profile and click on Schedule Now or Schedule Session to book a session with the tutor.
  • What are the payment modes for the tutors?

    Tutors can opt for a physical check or a bank transfer.
  • Will I get charged as a student if the tutor does not attend the session?

    No, you will not be charged anything if the tutor is not present during the session.
  • Will I get charged as a student if the tutor does not attend the session?

    No, you will not be charged anything if the tutor is not present during the session.
  • Can we record the video sessions of MyTutor?

    There is no facility for video recording in the app right now. Also, My Tutor does not allow students or tutors to record any video session.
  • How can I delete my student or tutor account?

    You can delete your My Tutor account easily by following a few steps. Go to the settings screen and tap on "Delete Account." Then you'll be asked for confirmation with a yes or no option. Upon clicking "Yes," all your account information will be securely deleted.

My tutor is available on Android and iOS