10 Teaching Skills You Learn From Online Tutoring Jobs

February 10, 2021 Online Tutoring Jobs

There was a time when online tutoring jobs for college students was just a way of earning extra money. But, with the increasing growth of remote learning in past years, it is now one of the best-paid jobs. That is why you can see many companies offering online tutoring services now.

Also, you would be amazed to know that online tutoring can help you improve your teaching skills. In other words, if you have buckets of experience as an online tutor, you are well-prepared with your teaching skills.  Wondering How?

Here are the ten skills you might have possessed already:

1) You have the quality to connect to your students

Online tutoring allows you to teach on a one-to-one basis. So, over time, the students feel comfortable with you and start opening up to you. Thus, you build a relationship of trust and reliability with your student.  It helps to create a bond between a tutor and a student. This type of strong bond eventually helps you both achieve your goals, you as a teacher and the student as a learner.

2) You are an expert in tailoring resources for individual needs

You invest in learning about individual students. So, you get to know your student on a personal level. Once you do so, you focus on creating lesson plans and resources suitable for the individual. Thus, you can make changes to your teaching method and resources depending on various factors of a student. Besides, you never worry about various learning barriers like dyslexia, lack of self-confidence, etc.  This crucial skill can help you have to craft teaching materials for a class full of students with diverse needs.

3) You can integrate IT into your lessons

The Technological explosion of recent years has made Information and Communication Technologies or ICT a vital part of learning. So, the teachers have started including ICT in more and more of their lessons.  Online tutoring jobs teach you how to use digital tools and technologies like links to videos, images, and audio files online.  So, you can make use of your experience and add more fun and modern elements to your classroom as a teacher.

4) You are good at explaining concepts

Online tutoring job is not easy as teaching in front of a camera is challenging for many. With students not being able to see all of your gestures, you need to emphasize your words and voice.  Thus, you become a confident and flawless orator over time. This is very important to impart knowledge in a classroom. 

5) You are good at pre-planned modeling

Most of the online tutors are either university students or recent graduates.  Therefore, you have a thorough knowledge of a subject you are teaching. Besides, you have been making a lot of resources like question papers or example paragraphs/essays. You can use this ‘modeling’ in the classroom to provide students with a glimpse of what they are working towards. Thus, such materials will be of high value to you in future years.

6) You can help your student progress

Tutors have unique ways to address issues of struggling students and help them accordingly. Thus as an online tutor, you will have an experience of targeting weak areas of a student. Then you along with your student work toward specific goals. Your main focus is that the student shows measurable success. This has great significance in classroom teaching. Here you can use your abilities to help one student will have a great impact on a whole class.

7) You have a wide curriculum knowledge

Online tutoring jobs demand lots of research work. This can be related to your subject areas or the ones that you were not so confident.  But, you invest in research to coach your pupils.  This shows that you are always ready for self-study to enhance your subject knowledge.  This helps you to have a very broad knowledge of multiple subjects. Thus, you become more confident in a classroom environment.

8) You make interesting and interactive lessons

As an online tutor, you have to make your session interactive and engaging for students. Since the main elements of the lessons are visual and audio, you have to make each session interesting. This experience will allow you to approach lesson-planning in school with lots of ideas up your sleeves. Moreover, your ability to engage students can help you grab students’ attention. So, you can even glam up a boring teacher-led discussion.

9) You possess great assessment skill

Online tutor jobs require the tutors to assess the students’ performance at various levels. Thus, you a thorough knowledge of assessment objectives and marking criteria.  Besides, the assessments can be a combination of skills, knowledge, and attitude in many cases. Of course, this is a crucial part of teaching in the classroom as this allows you to assess your students’ abilities.

10) You are extremely patient with your students

Patience is one of the main qualities of a teacher. As an online tutor, you have been taking many one-to-one sessions. These types of sessions call for more question-answer sessions. Now, you have got used to answering any types of questions patiently. So, now you can answer as many questions as your students ask in a classroom without losing your patience. Overall, we can see that the online tutors have tremendous ability to succeed as a teacher. The only extra thing one will need for a successful tutor to be a successful teacher is a Teacher Training course. No doubt, tutoring has come a long way with so many online tutoring jobs around giving opportunities to learn the skills of a teacher.


Benyam Gizaw

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