What Is Blended Learning And How Does It Work?

March 15, 2021 Learning

Education in the 21st century offers many challenges as well as opportunities to the learners. With the introduction of e-learning, it is not an era of traditional classrooms alone. Thus, students and teachers enjoy maximum flexibility. Also, many learners prefer blended learning to benefit from both traditional classrooms and online classrooms. So, what is blended learning?

In this article, we have covered all the queries learners might have about blended learning.

What Is Blended Learning Approach?

Blended learning is a unique educational approach that combines traditional instructor-led classroom learning and high-tech online learning with the help of digital tools and technology. So, it engages learners to get the benefits of both face-to-face learning sessions and online educational materials and interaction.

What Is The Purpose Of Blended Learning?

The main purpose of blended learning is to encourage learners to control their learning space. Also, due to the remote learning facility it offers, the learners find it more convenient and flexible. Besides, it also promotes social learning as the learners get to interact with other learners face-to-face and online.

What Are The Different Types Of Blended Learning?

Blended learning allows teachers to customize the learning program suitable for every learner. Moreover, it allows learners to add web-based and mobile learning as parts of their learning process.

So, what is an example of blended learning?

There Are Mainly 7 Blended Learning Models:


7 Blended Learning Models


1. Face-to-face – These are traditional classrooms combined with technology. The learners can learn at their own pace in the blended classrooms with the help of role-playing, feedback, and mentoring.

2. Rotation – In this model, students can rotate between online classrooms and face-to-face with a teacher. Flipped classroom approach is a type of rotation model. This allows students to go through the content at home or online before attending the classroom.

3. Flex – Flex learning allows students to go through the study materials online. Also, there may be an on-site coach available to answer queries. Flex model encourages the learners to control their learning pace. Many blended learning schools have applied this learning approach to emphasize self-guided learning.

4. Online Lab – This is based on e-learning. Students get to learn through m-learning or laptops. Many schools offer this learning model to offer courses for which no teachers are available.

5. Gamification – This is one of the most interesting educational methods. Learners are motivated with the use of game tools. The objective is to give them a feeling of competition to study the material in the given time.

6. Self-blend – Many students are willing to gain more knowledge beyond what is taught in the school. So they get the opportunity to attend webinars or watch video tutorials or industry blogs for extra knowledge. Self-blended model is for the students who are highly self-motivated to learn.

7. Online Driver – Online driver model allows students to study remotely with online study materials. Also, they can get help from teachers online through chats or emails. The face-to-face interaction is made optional. This type of learning is one of the best-personalized learning models.

What Are The Effects Of Blended Learning?


Effects Of Blended Learning


1. Engages All Types of Learners

Blended learning takes care of all types of learners. Some learners might just like online classes and some traditional classrooms. With the use of various tools, technologies, and methodologies, blended learning helps all.

2. Cost-effective

Blended online learning helps in cutting down the cost of traveling and study materials involved in face-to-face classroom sessions.

3. Interesting Learning Process

Online blended learning is full of fun as it encourages learners to be more interactive. This social learning helps to keep the learners engaged. Also, with the use of online blended learning tools, the learning experience turns to be an adventure.

4. Self-Motivated Learning

Blended schools help students to control their learning path and pace. This helps them to be self-motivated. Besides, self-guided learning helps them to be more confident in life.

5. Global Reach

Blended learning makes it possible for learners from any country to attend the e-learning sessions. It has been possible due to the significant role of the computer, laptop, and mobile in education.

How Do I Start Blended Learning?

  • To get started with blended learning, you need to follow these tips:
  • Always pick up easy-to-use tools and technology.
  • Start applying blended learning to a few sections of your course first. You can add more sections as you get used to it.
  • Make sure to use the best digital collaboration tools to be interactive in groups and forums.
  • Know the best time to use flipped classroom approach.
  • Self-motivation is everything when it comes to blended learning.

Now, The Final Question Is “Does Blended Learning Work?”

Blended learning programs are boon to the students. The scalable and flexible learning process has been accepted widely by the students and the teachers. Besides, there is hybrid learning, blended learning that focuses more on live classrooms than online videos. There has been a huge demand for hybrid learning in recent years. Moreover, these types of programs help the learners to take the maximum benefit of both offline and online education.


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