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“Is teaching is a good profession?”

Many of us think teaching to be the noblest profession of all. Teaching occupations have been the most popular and demanding for years. Also, teachers are professionals who hold the responsibility to not only teach but also motivate students. So, there is more to it when it comes to the teaching profession since it is not only a profession but also a passion to share one’s knowledge with others. Let us find out more details about teaching as a profession.

How Can You Describe Teaching?

Teaching is sharing your knowledge of a subject with the learners. Also, it is a method to help people learn any subject by transforming bookish knowledge into information easy to absorb. Besides, teaching is all about motivating individuals to understand their potential and uplift their spirit. Educators, pedagogues, instructors, and animators, etc. fall into this occupation.

What Are The Characteristics of The Teaching Profession?

What are the characteristics of the teaching profession?

  1.  Sharing of Knowledge – The main purpose of teaching is to share knowledge with others. So, in-depth knowledge of a subject is an absolute necessity here.
  2. Involves Proper Planning – Teachers many a time use raw study materials to provide practical training. So, it involves proper planning and organization. Moreover, a methodical study involves teaching lessons, revisions, and assessment, etc.
  3. Self-motivation – Self-motivation is the key to success in the teaching profession. One cannot motivate or inspire others if he or she cannot be self-motivated.
  4. Communicable Technique – Teachers use a variety of communicable techniques for effective teaching. The most important of all is verbal communication. Besides, they also use many digital and non-digital tools.
  5. Social Service – The mental development of the next generation depends a lot on their teachers. So, teaching is also a social service in the sense that teachers contribute to the community by shape u the minds of the students.
  6. Involves Ethical Standards – Every teacher follows some ethical standards of teaching. This professional code of ethics works as a guide for teachers. So, they know how to behave inside or outside their institutions. Besides, it prevents them to misuse their freedom in education as a profession.

How Would You Describe A Great Teacher?

A great teacher must have deep knowledge of their subject matter. Besides, he or she needs to have the qualities to lead and motivate others. Here is a list of the qualities:

  • Effective Communication Skill
  • Empathetic
  • Inspirational
  • Approachable
  • Relationship-building skill
  • Listening Skill

How Can You Start Teaching As A Profession?

Many high-school students start tutoring for quick money. You can start teaching students of lower classes at an early age. This might not require any specific degree. But, you must have enough knowledge of the subject matter. However, you need to have a degree and certificate if you want to take teaching as a profession. Here are the steps to taking teaching as a profession:

  • Get a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Join a district or state-level teaching program.
  • Appear for the necessary exams.
  • Apply for a state teaching license.
  • Apply for teaching jobs online and offline.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification is the most recognized one. But, you can obtain that only if you have 3 years of full-time class experience. You can gain this experience during or after your graduation. Besides, there are options for alternative teacher certifications in many states in the US.

Is Being A Teacher Stressful?

Teaching is a noble profession but it is also one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Working hours, student misbehavior, parents’ expectations, and lack of autonomy can cause stress for teachers.

Besides, poor working conditions, less salary, and lack of opportunities also play a big role. Moreover, most of the teachers need to be well-prepared before a class. So, that means they might have to prepare at home or not getting enough time for it. This is another reason for teachers to feel stressed.

These are the reasons why many teachers are found leaving teaching jobs after some years of experience. Yet, no matter how stressful teaching may sound, one can easily succeed as a teacher by doing proper planning and organization. Besides, decision-making in all aspects also plays a major role while choosing teaching as a profession.

Why Teaching is Still The Best Job in The World?

Despite being stressful teaching is still the best job in the world. Wondering why? Here is a list of the reasons:

  • Teachers gain respect and recognition from all.
  • The ability to make a difference is a great source of inspiration.
  • One of the secure jobs.
  • The ability to accept challenges.
  • Daily interaction with pupils makes it more interesting.
  • Summer break is the greatest perk.
  • Great retirement benefits.
  • The ability to learn new subjects.
  • The sense of social service keeps the teachers grounded and noble.
  • Availability of options of many careers for teachers leaving the profession.

Overall, teaching as a profession can be fully satisfying if you manage to balance your personal and professional life. Besides, you need to find the right opportunity if you want to be a teacher. In today’s modern era, with so many online opportunities, the teaching profession can be the most rewarding career option.


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