Complete Details About M-learning or Mobile Learning

June 14, 2021 Learning

What is Mobile Learning?

Can mobile phones improve learning?

Why is mobile learning important?

If you have been searching for the answers to these questions, then you must read this article. We have done thorough research online to find out about m-learning or mobile learning. The result amazed us and I am sure it will have the same effects on you. So keep on reading.

What is Mobile Learning?

Can you think of a life without smartphones? Aren’t we all used to taking the help of smartphones for almost everything? It is no doubt that online shopping, online games, social media, and many more activities have become inevitable for most of us. So, why not use smartphones for learning?

Mobile learning or m-learning refers to learning via smartphones. This type of learning allows learners to take the help of the advanced technology to learn content on their mobile devices.

Although m-learning has been there since the early 2000s it gained popularity in recent years. Besides, mobile learning has been helping students across the world since the outbreak of Covid-19. Not many took m-learning seriously until this pandemic.

What are the types of mobile learning?

There are mainly 4 types of m-learning. These are:

  1. High Transactional Distance and Socialized Mobile Learning Activity (HS)

This refers to group learning where learners can communicate with each other. Also, there is a communication space between the learners and instructors. Besides, study materials can be obtained from a pre-fixed program on mobile phones.

  1.   High Transactional Distance and Individualized Mobile Learning Activity (HI)

Here the main focus is on delivering content to individual learners. So, individual learners get hold of organized content through mobile phones. Also, learners enjoy more flexibility here.

  1.   Low Transactional Distance and Socialized Mobile Learning Activity (LS)

In this type of learning individual learners do not have much communication space with the instructor or other learners. Also, all the learners work towards a common goal.

  1.   Low Transactional Distance and Individualized Mobile Learning Activity (LI)

There is no defined learning content in this type of mobile-based learning. Also, the instructor has more control over the learning as learners can interact with him or her directly.

What are some examples of M-learning?

There are innumerable m learning apps and platforms for learners across the globe. Some examples of m learning apps are Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin learning, Elevate, and SimpleMind, etc.

What are some examples of M-learning in corporate education?

M learning allows companies to reach employees who are willing to take training or workshops remotely. Some examples of m learning in corporate education are:

  • Creating material to share via email or text.
  • Using blended learning by sharing a link for survey or test with the in-class participants.
  • Creating a platform on the mobile device for employees to take the training.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning?

Advantages of Mobile Learning

When talking about the advantages of mobile learning, the question arises – why is mobile learning is important in today’s era? Here is the list of the reasons:

  • Easy accessibility to study materials.
  • Extreme flexibility in terms of time and place.
  • Self-paced learning.
  • More engaging and motivational interactions with the instructors and other learners.
  • Cost-effective learning.
  • A variety of learning resources make lessons interesting.
  • Real-time feedback speeds up the learning process.
  • Bite-sized content delivery leads to easy learning and higher retention of information.
  • M-learning study content can be accessed on any modern device that connects to the Internet.

Disadvantages of Mobile Learning

Although the benefits of m learning are many, there are still some disadvantages of it. Here are the common ones:

  • Eye strain due to visibility on a small screen.
  • Muscle strain due to long hours of sitting.
  • Chances of distractions due to notifications received on social media.
  • Challenges for the people with poor network or electricity supply to use m learning devices.
  • Excessive screen time and dependence on the Internet.

How to choose the best mobile learning platforms or apps?

There are many mobile learning platforms or apps that offer the best programs at the best prices. But, how can you choose the one that benefits you the most? Follow these simple tips:

  •   Write down your priorities in terms of course, price, and flexibility.
  •   Pick up some learning apps as per your requirements.
  •   Check the reviews of these apps online or offline if possible.
  •   Try to enroll in a trial course.
  •   Check the list of the tutors or instructors and their experience and qualifications.
  •   Check how safe and secure the learning app is in terms of payment and client data protection.

How to use m-learning apps to gain maximum benefits?

The use of mobile phones in education has opened doors to infinite learning. Also, the opportunity to learn anything from anywhere is one of the best things that has happened in education today. Mobile can increase more learning gains for students if they can follow some guidelines. These are:

  • Take your eyes off the screen every 30 minutes and do some eye exercise.
  • Add stretching to your exercise regime.
  • Reduce screen time while not studying online.
  • Try saving study content derived from mobile devices on the computer.
  • Interact with other learners to get information on courses, materials, or discuss a subject.
  • Organize your learning time and make the best use of time management.


The mobile learning management system is the most flexible and easiest learning system. Students in today’s world can explore the world of knowledge at their fingertips. What can be more exciting than this? There is no doubt that m learning has come a long way and is there to stay. So, everyone must dive into the ocean of knowledge with the help of mobile learning in this growing age of mobile apps.


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