9 Ways To Cope With Failure – Best Failure Lessons

March 21, 2022 Stress

We all know the famous story of the great inventor Edison. He failed 1000 times when he was trying to invent the light bulb. But instead of taking those failures as setbacks, he took them as steps to achieving his goal. This short motivation story teaches us that we should take our failure lessons as our strength and learn from failure to move ahead in life. We know it’s easier said than done when we ask you to accept failure positively.

In this article, you will learn how to cope with failure and what you can learn from them.

9 Best Ways to Cope with Failure

1. Accept Failure Positively

Accept Failure Positively

One failure lesson you must remind yourself of is that everyone fails at certain times. So, whatever you are feeling or facing is not the first time a human being is experiencing it. Even the great leaders, inventors, artists have experienced failures many times in their lives. It couldn’t have been possible for them to be where they reached if they did not make their mindset strong and flexible enough to accept failure.

2. Keep Your Composure

Keep Your Composure

If you have watched the famous movie “Pursuit of Happiness,” you must have seen how Will Smith kept his inner composure under all the adverse situations that destiny was throwing at him. It is vital for everyone to keep their composure all the time, especially in times of crisis. Failing in anything doesn’t mean the end of the world. Life comes with many dimensions. So, it demands your attention in many aspects. Besides, if you have been trying hard to achieve something for a long time and suddenly experience a failure, keep your inner composure intact to find the reasons behind it. Thus, you will be able to analyze what did not work for you and you will be able to work on your weak areas when you try for the same again.

3. Do Not Lose Focus

Do Not Lose Focus

One of the best ways to learn from failures is to remain focused. Just because you couldn’t reach your destination at the first go or several attempts, that doesn’t mean you will divert your mind somewhere else. If you have the willpower and dream to achieve your goal, then never lose focus after a failure. As the story stated in the first paragraph, take this as a step towards your goal. Focus on the road that lies ahead not that lies behind.

4. Do Not Give Up

Do Not Give Up

Some people fail in achieving their goals because they gave up after experiencing failures. On the other hand, some people achieve what they have set for because they never gave up even after many failures. The moral of the story is do not dare to give up your dream just because you have failed. Learn from failures and get back to work. All these failure lessons will not only make you strong but will also strengthen your foundation of success.

5. Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

The most common feeling that occurs after a failure is that you tend to lose faith in yourself. That makes you weak and depressed. One of the best ways to cope with failure is to believe in yourself. You need to constantly remind yourself that you have the potential and capabilities to achieve your goals. Never for a second lose the confidence and willpower after a failure. Read the inspirational stories of the great men in history, science, or any other fields and keep yourself self-motivated. After all, it is your belief in yourself that will take you to your destination in the long run. So, don’t let that get affected for anything. This is one of the best strategies for learning from failure.

6. Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind to Yourself

Look at the failure from a third person’s perspective and think of your hard work and dedication. Think of the time and energy you have invested in the journey. Then think about your failure. Give yourself respect and be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to think that it is okay to fail as long as you do not give up.

7. Be Positive

Be Positive

Look at failures as your opportunity for growth. The more we fail the better our approaches become towards our goals. So, be positive about the whole thing. You can only learn from failure not lament it. Therefore, set time aside to give yourself some pep talk to remain positive and energetic enough to prepare yourself for your next attempt.

8. Learn from Failure and Make a Better Plan

Learn from Failure and Make a Better Plan

Every failure of yours tells you a story of how and where you went wrong. Now it’s time for you to identify your mistakes and plan how differently you are going to approach this time. This is again one of the best strategies for learning from failure. So, analyze the previous plan and approach and make a foolproof plan before working towards your goal again.

9. Failure Makes You Strong and Humble

Failure Makes You Strong and Humble

You learn many lessons from failures. They make you strong from the inside. If you can endure failure, you are ready to face anything that may come your way. Another positive effect of failure is that it makes you humble. Many a time, we tend to focus so much on our achievements and knowledge that we fail to accept that we may go wrong sometimes. Failure makes us feel that we still have a lot to learn. The feeling of imperfectness keeps us grounded.

Learning how to cope with failure will eventually turn each failure into your strength. So, instead of crying over it, try to learn from failure as much as you can. All these failure lessons will become the foundation of your success someday.

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