9 Best Ways to Improve Vocabulary

June 13, 2022 Learning

Learning new words can help you improve your communication skills in every way. Moreover, it helps you to get more clarity in your thoughts. Thus, improving vocabulary can help you to succeed in your career, academics, and personal life. Although there are many vocabulary strategies online and offline, we are going to show you some easy ways you can improve your vocabulary.

9 Best Ways to Improve Vocabulary 

  • Learn a word a day

Learn a word a day

This is one of the easiest vocabulary strategies that can help you learn new words. All you need to do is put your effort into learning one new word a day. If you are a writer, you can learn a word that can enhance your writing skill. Also, if you just want to improve your oral communication skill, then you can learn a word accordingly. No matter whatever the purpose here, the goal is to learn one new word a day either from a vocabulary app or a dictionary, or any book. 

  • Learn from subtitles

Learn from subtitles

This is a unique way of learning new words. Most of us are fond of movies or series. We can utilize some of our fun time learning new words. All you need to do is to start watching movies or series with subtitles. You are bound to come across many words that you haven’t heard before. Either write them down or learn by heart. Thus, every time you watch movies or series, you improve your vocabulary.

  • Make your own dictionary

Make your own dictionary

Making your own dictionary is one of the best ways to improve vocabulary. You can either keep a small copy for this or create an online doc. Every time you learn a new word, you need to write it down. Let your word lists go. Besides, you need to go through this dictionary whenever you are relaxing. The best time to go through them is the nighttime just before you sleep. 

  • Teach new words

Teach new words

One of the best ways to remember things is to teach others. You can use this even as a vocabulary strategy. So, you need to start teaching all the new words you learn to someone else. This way you get to say these words frequently and remember to use them. This can start from home by teaching your siblings or even friends or colleagues.

  • Highlight words in the book

Highlight words in the book

One of the effective ways to improve vocabulary is to highlight new words in the book you are reading. It can be either a paper book or online. As you go through the book, highlight any word that seems new or unfamiliar to you. Next, before you start reading a new chapter or section of a book, you go through the last section to read the highlighted words. Thus, you continue reading the book while learning new words.

  • Start using the new words

Start using the new words

Many people think improving vocabulary refers to learning new words only. That is why many people get themselves educated with new words but never use them anywhere. You need to start using the words in your writing, conversation, and presentation. The more you use these words, the more those will be a part of your communication. Isn’t the goal to improve communication?

  • Use online vocabulary strategies

Use online vocabulary strategies

You can find many vocabulary apps and sites online. There are multiple vocabulary strategies like flashcards, word games, quizzes, etc. Some of these apps even let you learn many words at a time. You can make good use of them to learn words and use them in your writing and conversation regularly. However, make sure not to confuse yourself by learning too many words at once. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. This perfectly applies to learning words.

  • Learn from synonyms

Learn from synonyms

This is an interesting method to improve vocabulary. You can apply this once you have a list of new words you have already learned. Look for synonyms of those words and multiply your word list. This way, you will continue your vocabulary list and improve your communication skills.

  • Say A Word game

Say A Word game

Another interesting way to improve vocabulary is to play a “Say A Word” game. This game will encourage all the players to learn new words. Invite your friends or siblings to the game and ask them to learn a new word. In this game, each player will write a unique word on a piece of paper or on the board. The rest of the players have to come one by one to write the meaning of the word. No one can use a mobile phone or computer or even take help from thee to guess the meaning. The player who gets the maximum words correct will be the winner. 

Learning new words can be fun too if you learn about the roots of the words. This can help you know the origin of each word. Overall, if you have the strong willpower to improve your vocabulary and invest some time in doing so, nothing can stop you from becoming a great orator or a great writer. Having said that, great vocabulary skills can help you to learn a new language quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy and start listing your words.


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