9 Benefits of Reading Books Everyday

May 02, 2022 Learning

Walt Disney said, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” In today’s world of social media and texts, many of us are missing out on this priceless treasure. There are many benefits of reading books. It does not matter whether you are reading for pleasure, for knowledge, or even for academics. Once you understand the importance of books and get into a habit of reading, it helps in your personal, academic, and professional life.  The profits are huge in the long term for the time invested. Here are 9 benefits of reading for all ages that can motivate you to start reading.

9 Benefits of Reading Books

  1. Improved Vocabulary

Improved Vocabulary

Children are encouraged to start reading at a young age. This is because reading regularly helps you to learn new words every day. You can express your feeling by choosing the best words. Also, you have a higher chance of scoring well in your exams. Besides, you get noticed in your workplace and perform well in your presentation or client meets.

  1. Fruitful Exercise for the Brain

Fruitful Exercise for the Brain

Another reason why reading is important is that it stimulates brain activities. Reading is a form of exercise for the brain. It strengthens the connections in the brain. That is why several types of research have proved that regular reading keeps our cognitive abilities intact. Thus, it is a good habit to keep a book by your bedside and develop a habit of reading every night.

  1. Improved Focus

Improved Focus

Reading keeps you engaged for a long time. Whether you are reading an interesting story or an informative book, the book demands your undivided attention. The external distractions do not affect you. Thus, one of the benefits of reading books is that it helps to improve your focus. The more you read, the better you can concentrate. Therefore, students who love reading books tend to score well in their exams.

  1. Improved Communication Skills

Improved Communication Skills

You will find most of the voracious readers have the gift of gab. It is because reading helps you to understand different aspects of a language. You get to learn different writing styles, the structure of sentences, and new words. Thus, you are able to present your thoughts in words better ways. Besides, it also has the power of increasing our empathy skills. So, we tend to understand well what others are trying to say.

  1. Improved Memory

Improved Memory

When you read a story or novel, you tend to remember a lot of events, characters, places, etc. Thus, creating new memories boosts your information retention power. Besides, reading motivational or informative books helps you in long-term memory. An interesting fact came out during a study of elderly people by the American Academy of Neurology. It showed that illiterate people showed early signs of dementia compared to literate ones.

  1. Increases Knowledge

Increases Knowledge

One of the best benefits of reading books is that it enhances your knowledge about many things. Books open the world of knowledge to us. The more we read the better we educate ourselves about the mysteries of science, history, relationships, mind, and the list goes on. Besides, you can learn many hobbies, activities, life skills, etc. from books. As a result, you become a better learner and a better person.

  1. Stress-reducing Activity

Stress-reducing Activity

Reading is considered to be one of the best hobbies. You can just relax with a book in your hand. Besides, you get absorbed in your reading in such a way that you forget the world. This helps you to remain mindful and thus relaxes your body and mind. Moreover, learning stories about others or reading self-help books help you see life from a different perspective. Thus, it helps you to remain stress-free.

  1. Improved Imagination

Improved Imagination

Books enable us to visualize places, objects, characters, and events. This happens simultaneously as we keep on reading the book. Thus, it helps us to expand our imagination. Better imagination skills make us more open to exploring new things and opportunities. Besides, it also helps to improve our lateral thinking skills.

  1. Better Sleep

Better Sleep

When you start reading, you are engrossed in a different world. Besides, when reading we sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Keeping our mind engaged for a long time in a relaxing position relaxes our muscles and removes tension from our bodies. Our body then slowly enters into a relaxing mood and finally in a state of sleepiness. Therefore, many people have a habit of reading books before bedtime.

Now that you know the benefits of reading books, you must have realized the significance of books in our lives. So, it’s time to add this healthy habit to your lifestyle to make living more meaningful and valuable.


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