7 Tips on How to Study Smart for Academic Success

May 15, 2023 Students

Studying plays a crucial role in the academic success of students. However, not all students know how to study effectively. As a result, some students may acquire poor grades, which can lead to frustration. In this blog, we will discuss how to study smart to help students achieve their academic goals.

7 Tips on How to Study Smart

1. Create a Study Plan


The first step to smart studying is to create a study plan. A study plan will help you organize and manage your time to ensure you cover all the topics you need to study. Here is a tip for creating a study plan. Start by identifying the subjects or topics that need the most attention. Next, allocate time for each of them. Also, you must set aside time for breaks and leisure activities to avoid burnout.

2. Set SMART Goals


SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Setting SMART goals will help you focus on what you want to achieve. Moreover, you can even track your progress. For instance, if you want to improve your grades in Math, your SMART goal must be specific about what needs to be done. One example may be this –  “I will practice Math for 1 hour every day for the next 30 days, with an aim to increase my grade from a B to an A.” Thus, by using the SMART goal-setting technique, you can aim to score better in all the subjects.

3. Eliminate Distractions


One of the best ways to study smartly is by removing distractions. To avoid distractions, you should find a quiet and comfortable place to study. Moreover, you must turn off your phone or put it in silent mode. Also, make sure to avoid social media and other distractions. You can even use tools like website blockers to prevent access to distracting websites while studying. Some of the best apps you can use are RescueTime, Forest, Freedom, Focus, etc.

4. Use Active Learning Techniques


Active learning techniques involve engaging with the material actively rather than passively reading or listening to it. Some examples of active learning techniques include taking notes, summarizing, creating flashcards, and solving practice problems. Active learning helps you to understand the material more deeply. Thus, it helps you retain information better. You can use any of the techniques mentioned above to apply active learning for enhanced memory.

5. Review Regularly


Regular review is essential for the long-term retention of information. The more you review your study materials, the easier it will be for you to recall them. You should review the material you have studied regularly, preferably within 24 hours of learning it. You can use techniques like spaced repetition for better results.  In spaced repetition, you review the material at increasing intervals. For this, you can review your study materials after one or four hours in the beginning. But, you need to make the intervals longer after some time. So, you can review the same material after one or two weeks. This will reinforce your memory and ensure long-term retention.

6. Get Enough Sleep


Sleep is crucial for learning and memory consolidation. Lack of sleep can impair cognitive function. Thus, it can make it harder for us to learn and retain information. Therefore, getting enough sleep is one of the best smart study tips. You must sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night. This will ensure optimal cognitive function and lead to better academic performance.

7. Stay Motivated


Motivation is essential for effective studying. There are many different ways to keep yourself motivated. You can stay motivated by rewarding yourself after achieving your study goals. You can visualize your success, and practice mindfulness meditation on it. Another effective way to stay motivated is to surround yourself with supportive peers and mentors. Besides, if you are feeling overwhelmed with academic pressure, break down your study sessions into smaller, and more manageable chunks. This will also help you avoid feeling drained of exhaustion.

Smart studying is all about studying efficiently and effectively. Being consistent in your approach and managing your time properly can help you achieve your goals. Besides, you must also be true to yourself and your commitment to maximizing your academic potential. Following the above tips and slowly turning them into habits can eventually show you great results.

Benyam Gizaw

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