7 Reasons Why English Is A Universal Language

7 Reasons Why English Is A Universal Language

January 23, 2023 Uncategorized

If you were to ask anybody to name the most spoken language in the world, the person would close his eyes and say “English.” Given that English is the language of the global media, including film, television, popular music, and the computer industry, it is widely understood among scholars and educated people.

The British Empire was the first to spread English throughout the world. All the territories they captured then began to feel this language’s direct and indirect influence on their political, economic, administrative, and military sectors. The same applies to American-dominated capitalism throughout the world.

Since English is one of the most widely used and effective worldwide communication languages, most of the information we find online is written in this language. In this article, we will shed some light on the reasons why English is a universal language.

What Is A Universal Language?

A hypothetical or real language that all or the majority of the world’s population speaks and understands is referred to as a universal language. It can also refer to a form of communication that is thought to be universally understood. For centuries, linguistics studies and literary speculations have focused on the concept of a universal language. According to some experts, a universal second language facilitates communication between groups who speak various first languages. Some religious and mythological traditions claim that humans and supernatural beings once spoke one language that was shared by all or that it once existed. A universal language was first thought of several centuries ago, primarily for the purposes of trade and scientific research.

According to an article by Language Humanities, the German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz and his French contemporary, René Descartes, both mused at length about what Leibniz described as a “characteristica universalis” — a mathematical means of expressing ideas across linguistic boundaries. The article also states that some groups even tried to make their own universal languages; examples of such attempts were Esperanto and Lojban. The article even confirms that although most people think English is the only language that matters, National Geographic News reports that in 2011, more people were taught Chinese as their first language than English.

Why is English The Universal Language?

According to an article by Omniglot, the true universal language is, without a doubt, English. It states that English-speaking nations account for about 40% of global GNP, making it the second most widespread native language in the world and the official language of 70 nations.

We have compiled a list of factors that contributed to the popularity of the English language so that you can comprehend the significance of the language as a global phenomenon.

1. Need for a common language for trade and commerce

Need for a common language for trade and commerce

A common language only facilitates trade in a world that takes globalization seriously. As prestigious corporations expand their operations abroad, communication is essential. It facilitates communication and facilitates the flow of information. Nothing does that better than the English language! The phrase “Business English” was actually coined as a result of its widespread use in international business.

2. Need for a language that connects all people

Need for a language that connects all people

English was primarily known as the international language. An international language is a language that can be used anywhere by anyone. So, English has succeeded in connecting different people speaking different primary languages from all across the globe. Therefore, it would not be incorrect to call this a universal language.

3. Simple and easy to learn

Simple and easy to learn

English is comparatively easier to learn than any other language. Besides, it has many root words from many different other languages, like Latin, Greek, Hindi, Spanish, etc. So, English grammar and words can be easily learned by people in most countries.

4. English movies and music

English movies and music

The popularity of English-language movies and music has significantly contributed to English’s status as a global language. The world’s largest movie audience is Hollywood productions. Besides, world-famous musicians, rappers, and other singers are mostly from the US. It is easy to connect people of other languages through the entertainment fields like movies and music. Once they become fans of music, movies, and actors, they start showing interest in learning the language.

5. The prominence of English in education

The prominence of English in education

English is taught as a second language in most schools across the globe. The Language Gallery reports that according to the Washington Post, the language is even the first choice for written publications. It becomes easy to learn anything in a common language from teachers or professors who speak other languages.

6. Online dominance

Online dominance

The advent of the Internet transformed society and provided new avenues for global communication. Studies show that English is the primary language used for sharing online content. According to The Language Gallery, The English Language Centre’s statistics reveal that 52% of the most visited websites on the planet are in English.

7. English as an official language

English as an official language

English is considered an official language in more than 50 countries worldwide. It is because people from these countries have realized that it is easier for them to communicate in English, which is understood by the majority of people across the globe.

Many people argue that English is not the only language used in major international organizations because many countries are yet to recognize English as a universal language. For instance, there are six official languages of the United Nations: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. However, people have realized that If they want to succeed in any field, they must keep up with the world’s trends, and their ability to translate their thoughts into a persuasive speech will help them do that. They now feel that they can do that better in English than in any other language. Thus, English is now a universal language for most countries.

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