7 Online Teaching Ideas for Kindergarten

May 09, 2022 Students

The aim of online preschool is to make the sessions more interesting and attractive to help young students learn easily. Teaching for kindergarten online is more challenging than teaching older students online. With advanced technology, we have now many teaching platforms and tools that can easily overwhelm both the teachers and the students. In this article, you will find some useful online teaching ideas for kindergarten that will help your online kindergarten students learn easily.

7 Online Teaching Ideas for Kindergarten

  1. Hold Online Video Conferencing

Hold Online Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the best online teaching methods. This helps the young learners develop a sense of community. If your school allows video conferencing, then it is better to use this method whenever you can. You can either set a 15 to 20 minutes video conferencing every day or plan it only for 2 or 3 days a week.

  1. Set a Themed Day Every Week

Set A Themed Day Every Week

The best way to catch the young learners’ attention is to add a fun element to the usual routine. Keep a themed day every week when students can dress up as per the theme and act accordingly. Some examples of themed days are:

  • Favorite Sports Day
  • PJ Day
  • Picnic Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Fun Character Day
  • Pet Day
  • Fun Friday

You can think of many other themes that can brighten up the young students’ days.

  1. Keep Sessions for Crafts and Drawing

Keep Sessions for Crafts and Drawing

Children enjoy spending time drawing or making crafts. Online kindergarten school can be more enjoyable for them if they get to do what they love. Keep a session for online craft and drawing every day or every alternate day. Inform parents beforehand about the materials they would need. Also, make sure that one adult is present with the student while they are doing their crafts.

  1. Add Music and Dance

Add Music and Dance

Children love music. Most of the children even love to dance when music is played. One of the best ways to make online preschool attractive to the students is to add lots of music to their learning curriculum. Teaching numbers, alphabets, and rhymes with music will be a lot easier than simply reading them out to them. You can play the music and be present online to show the dance moves so that the children follow you. Alternatively, you can play a pre-recorded video daily.

  1. Play Animated Videos

Play Animated Videos

Animated videos are one of the best tools to teach children morals. Animated videos with themes like kindness, sharing, good friend, helping others, etc. can help the children learn morals and life lessons. Besides, animated videos can help them learn new words and numbers.

  1. Record Your Activity Task

Record Your Activity Task

One of the most unique ideas for online preschool teaching is to ask your students to record their favorite activity and share it. You can send a mail to the parents beforehand asking them to encourage the toddler to record his or her favorite activity. It can be baking a cake, gardening, cycling, or even cleaning.

  1. Make Reading Session More Interesting

Make Reading Session More Interesting

Make reading more fun for the children by giving them more liberty in choosing their favorite books or characters. You can pick one kid every day to read his or her favorite book aloud. Also, you can read the stories aloud during the reading session. You can also find lots of reading apps to make reading more fun.

Teaching for kindergarten can be more satisfying when you see young learners enjoying their online preschool classes. Use your creativity and imagination to chalk out more ideas to make online kindergarten learning the best experience for your students.


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