5 Best Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

December 12, 2022 Stress

Many of us find it difficult to stay healthy and fit. Excuses like no time or going with the flow or even staying healthy means a strict routine is our own reason to justify that. No matter how many excuses we come up with, there is no substitute for good health. In this article, we will show some of the best ways to stay healthy and fit even though you have a busy life.

But before that, let us show you some reasons why you should stay healthy.

Why is Staying Healthy Important?

Keeping yourself healthy and fit has many benefits. One of the main reasons people like to stay healthy is that it strengthens their immune system. A strong immune system means being free from infections and diseases. It also helps you recover faster from any illness. All in all, it acts as an army and battle against harmful bacteria and viruses to enter our bodies. Therefore, a person with a healthy body may expect to live longer than one with an unhealthy body.

The second important reason to stay healthy is that it improves our mental health. Health-conscious people take exercise as a part of their daily lifestyle. This results in pumping up the hormone endorphins. These are called “feel-good” chemicals which can make a person feel positive and stress-free. They are also pain relievers and so can help you deal with any type of physical and mental pain. Many studies showed that endorphins also act to minimize the symptoms of depression or anxiety.

5 Best Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

Now that you know that staying healthy can make you live a better life, the next question comes – How to be healthy? Here are some of the simple and easy tips that can help you to live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet 


One of the vital reasons behind bad health or people falling sick is poor diet. Eating a well-balanced diet will improve your digestive system and immune system. A low-fat diet also helps to keep your sugar and cholesterol level low. It also helps to maintain your weight. Adding legumes, low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and grains makes a balanced diet. So, you must include oatmeal, lean meat, brown rice, green vegetables, yogurt, egg whites, white fish, fresh fruits, mayonnaise, etc. in your daily meal plan.

2. Add Physical Activities


Physical activities not only keep you stress-free, but it also increases your willpower and stamina. Add 30 to 40 minutes of physical activities to your daily routine. It can be any sort of activity you like, you can go playing baseball, tennis, badminton or even simply walking. If you want to be more active, you can run or hit the gym for 30 minutes or more. The aim is to keep your body moving for the whole time. If you enjoy dancing or yoga, you can even do that. Once a week, you can take a rest. But make sure to continue with your physical activity for the rest of the week.

3. Avoid Bad Habits


Many of us indulge ourselves in unhealthy habits despite knowing the manifold negative impacts they may have on our health. Smoking, excessive drinking, and consuming tobacco in many other forms are some examples of this. We all know the harmful effects of smoking on our lungs. Also, too much alcohol damages one’s liver. You must quit these habits for the sake of your health. If you are finding it difficult to keep yourself away from the addiction, you must take professional help. They can help you quit bad habits by making your willpower strong through regular face-to-face counseling, group counseling, and medication if needed.

4. Maintain Good Hygiene 


Keeping yourself clean can help you stay away from diseases. Some of the personal hygiene you must maintain are:

  • Brush your teeth in the morning and at night before you go to sleep.
  • Keep your body clean.
  • Trim your nails or keep them dirt-free.
  • Cover your mouth when you are sneezing or coughing or if you are sick.
  • Wash your hands before eating or after touching animals.
  • Make sure to floss once a day.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.
  • Keep your intimate areas clean.
  • Wear only clean clothes.

5. Sleep Well


Sound sleep is one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit. Good sleep helps your brain to perform well. As a result, it has positive impacts on our memory and decision-making. Besides, it improves your physical and mental health. According to an article by Healthline, “Sweet spot” for bedtime can be anywhere between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. However, if you are unable to sleep between that time, you can sleep at your own time. But, make sure to fall into bed at the same time every day without any deviation. Many of us find it difficult to fall asleep immediately when we hit the bed. The best way to overcome this is to avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and screen time for at least a couple of hours before bedtime.

The amount of sleep one needs depends on individual needs. One might need eight hours of sleep and another might feel fresh after six hours of sleep. One important thing to remember here is that along with the quantity, the quality also has an impact on our sleep. So, we have to make sure that we get sound sleep every night. If you are having any problems related to sleep, you must immediately consult a physician as sleep deficiency can trigger many health hazards like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, etc. Besides, it will also harm your brain functions.

Living a healthy life today will show you fruitful results tomorrow and in your old age. Besides, it will reduce your insurance premiums. Now that you know, how to stay healthy and fit, you must make changes to your current lifestyle for better health. If you are already into it, then congrats, you have found the right keys to a longer life.

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