5 Best Ways To Deal with Academic Challenges

July 05, 2021 Learning

Academic challenges if not dealt with properly can have adverse effects on the students studying in colleges. The transition from high school to college is always challenging for students. A new environment, new friends, and new place might often impact them and make it difficult for them to adjust to college life. These problems of students are common. But they must address them and deal with them before they become serious. So, what exactly are these academic challenges? What are some academic challenges examples? How can one deal with these? Let’s find out. 

What are Academic Challenges?

Academic challenges are the problems related to learning and studying. In other words, students face academic challenges when they find more than one learning barrier in the course of education. Also, it gives red signals when they find themselves struggling to learn the course content. 

What are Academic Challenges Examples?

Unable to Get a Good Grasp of the Course Content: College courses are far different than school study materials. So, the course content in colleges is more complex than that of school. Moreover, it takes more time, dedication, and patience to overcome this academic difficulty. Thus, the students find it difficult to learn the course in a short time. The struggle continues every semester. This is one of the common problems of students.

Inability to Balance Study Time: This is one of the best academic challenges’ examples. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in college life. Students need to manage and organize a lot of tasks. This includes assignments, attending classes, homework, self-study, and note-taking, etc. Also, there is pressure to maintain a social life. Thus, it is very common for students to get overwhelmed. Thus, they find it hard to manage time to make room for all the activities. 

Test Anxiety: Exam pressure or test anxiety is one of the most common academic challenges examples. These are the challenges students face while preparing for exams. Many students struggle to remain calm and patient before exams. They tend to develop test anxiety before every major or minor test. This stops them from learning and performing well in their test.

Lack of Motivation: Motivation is the major deciding factor of one’s success. In today’s world, students lack motivation due to distractions like social media or games. Besides, family plays an important role in motivating them. Also,  many students move ahead in life with no major goals or willpower. Lack of motivation results in poor academic performance. 

Lack of Basic Skills: All the students must have some basic skills that act as an aid to the educational journey. These can be skills like math, communication, writing, reading, etc. Without the basic skills, students are bound to face difficulty in learning content. This is one of the major problems of students. 

Poor Attendance: Being irregular in class can be a serious setback for students. Soon, they start lagging behind the other students. Then they find themselves to be under pressure to complete the course content in a short time. Besides, they miss out on important notes and assignments that might have helped them to prepare better for exams.

Procrastinations of Projects and Assignments: Students also may get into a habit of procrastinating on important tasks. Not completing assignments or homework on time can lead to learning gaps. This can arise frustration and fear in students. 

Reasons Behind the Academic Problems

There might be a variety of reasons for a student to experience academic problems. These include but are not limited to:

  • Extreme academic pressure at college 
  • Intimidated by the huge course material 
  • ADHD or lack of concentration
  • Complex course content
  • Mental stress or anxiety
  • Ineffective and incompatible learning style 
  • Learning disorder
  • Lack of interest in studies
  • Too much involvement with social media or online games

5 Best Ways to Deal with Academic Challenges

  1. Relieve the Exam Stress

Relieve The Exam Stress

Students can overcome this academic challenge by having a positive and patient approach. Here are some simple tips to eliminate test anxiety:

  • Make sure to keep enough time to revise your notes more than 2 times before the exam.
  • Practice breathing exercises to get rid of tense feelings.
  • Try taking small breaks in between lessons before and during exams.
  • Take exams as one of the milestones in life but not everything.
  • Talk out loud with yourself by asking yourself why you are stressed.
  • Seek professional help when you think you cannot handle it.
  1. Learn Proper Time Management

Learn Proper Time Management

One who knows how to manage his time can carry out multiple tasks without any hurdles. Here are a few techniques to get hold of proper time management:

Make a Time Calendar for every week and write down activities and tasks for each day. You can use Google calendar for this:

  • Give a time duration for each task in your Time Calendar.
  • Set Goals like completing each lesson of the courses or assignments along with deadlines.
  • Segregate tasks or goals into 3 categories: High Priority, Medium Priority, and Low Priority.
  • Turn off all the distractions during productive hours.
  1. Learn Study Skills

Learn Study Skills

Learning some effective study skills can make students competent to overcome any sort of academic challenge. These study skills need practice and patience. Here are a few skills you must learn:

  • Use flashcards to remember important notes.
  • Sharpen your maths, writing, or reading skills by taking regular assessments online.
  • Use visual aids to understand difficult lessons. 
  • Use acronyms to memorize processes, facts, difficult names, and experiments.
  • Use comprehension more than memorization.
  • Get involved in group study to get clear concepts of course content.
  • Always use practice questions for self-assessment.
  1. More Time and Dedication for Complex Course Content

More Time and Dedication For Complex Course Content

Learning becomes easy if you do not be hard on yourself. Allow extra time to learn difficult subjects. Moreover, dedication demands your seriousness and commitment. So, make sure to create mini-goals to complete the course material in a given time. Do not let distractions of any sort deviate you from your goals.

  1. Self-Motivation Techniques

Self Motivation Techniques

Learn to self-motivate yourself under any circumstances. Self-motivation increases willpower, optimism, and confidence in oneself. Here are some easy methods:

  • Be grateful for every small and big thing in your life.
  • Create big goals and then create mini-goals to achieve each big goal.
  • Develop a habit of reading motivational books and quotes every day before sleeping.
  • Spend some time in nature.
  • Visualize difficult situations in life before facing them for real.

Life is not a bed of roses. Problems are inevitable parts of our life. But they must not threaten our existence. We must use effective methods and tools to deal with them. This is also the case with academic challenges. All you need to do is know the right tools and strategies and apply them. This will erase any problems of students from their lives.


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