5 Benefits of Peer Tutoring for Learners

October 17, 2022 Tutor

Learning from peers can help the students avoid many learning barriers. As a result, they can enjoy more engaging and interactive learning sessions. This is the goal of peer tutoring. In this article, we are going to discuss the amazing benefits of peer tutoring. But before that, let us help you to know what is peer tutoring or peer teaching.

What is Peer Tutoring?

As the name suggests, peer teaching refers to learning from peers. Many schools and universities in the US offer peer tutoring to their students. Under these programs, students can learn a specific subject from the senior students. These peer tutors generally hold more excellent academic records than their fellow students.

Moreover, many teachers allow peer tutoring in the classroom environment. During this period, they allow students from the same class teach one another on some topics. Here also, the peer teachers have greater knowledge of the chosen subject or topic.

5 Benefits of Peer Tutoring

1. More Personalized Experience

More Personalized Experience

Peer tutors are themselves students who have gained extensive knowledge of the subject they teach. So, when they will be teaching the subjects to other students, they will share their experiences and learning tips to help them improve their scores. Moreover, peer teachers will be able to teach each student in a group in different ways that are convenient for the student to understand.

Besides, the peer tutors answer any doubts and questions of the students based on their personal experience. This type of personalized tutoring motivates the students to perform better.

2. More Engaging Learning Sessions

More Engaging Learning Sessions

One of the benefits of peer tutoring is that it encourages cooperative learning. This type of learning helps the students to work together and learn from each other. In a classroom, a group of students led by a peer tutor can engage in a discussion and find solutions to different questions.

The more engaging the sessions are the more confident and serious students tend to become. Also, all the students tend to work towards a common goal. Thus, they feel ownership of their education and get prepared to be in charge of educational activities. Moreover, it also helps to boost self-esteem in them and contributes to their overall mental growth.

3. Improved Academic Performance

Improved Academic Performance

One of the best peer tutoring benefits is that it improves the students’ academic performance. The more engaging and personalized the learning experience is, the better the possibility for the students to succeed. It is because peer tutoring helps the students learn study materials in easy and interesting ways.

Moreover, the successful peer tutors’ guidance, motivation, and academic tips help the students a great deal. They not only learn how to study the most difficult topics but also learn how to score good marks in that subject. All in all, overall positive aspects of peer teaching help the students to achieve success.

4. Positive Attitude Towards Learning

Positive Attitude Towards Learning

One of the wonderful benefits of peer tutoring is developing a positive attitude towards learning. Peer-to-peer tutoring encourages open-mindedness and freedom. Students learning from peer teachers feel motivated and inspired to learn from their peers. Due to the age factor and other similarities, they can easily correlate themselves with their peers. This helps in removing all types of learning barriers.

The fewer the learning barriers, the more the positive attitude toward learning. So, the students get interested to learn from their peer tutors. Besides, they look forward to the real-life experiences that the peer teachers share with them. 

5. Fear-free Learning Environment

Fear-free Learning Environment

Many a time, students get intimidated while taking lessons from experienced or aged teachers. They even hesitate to ask questions or learn with a free mind. Peer-to-peer tutoring removes the hesitation or intimidation from the young learners. With peer tutors, they feel more comfortable and do not mind asking any sort of questions.

Peer tutors even want to help their learners overcome any barriers to succeed in their goals. They approach them with such friendliness so that the students can rely on them. Thus, the peer teaching session becomes more engaging and interactive. Besides, students with learning disabilities can feel more confident and relaxed while learning from their peers.

Peer tutoring has been helping students for many years to achieve their academic goals. Because of the many benefits of peer tutoring, it is becoming popular throughout the world. One thing that all the peer tutors focus on is best described in the following quote. “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” — Ignacio Nacho Estrada

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