10 Tips on How to Learn Spanish Quickly in Easy Ways

January 10, 2022 Learning

How many times have you hummed the tune ‘Despacito’? You must have also wished that you knew the meaning of those Spanish words when you were singing the song. Spanish is the 2nd largest language in the US. So, we all know the importance and benefits of learning Spanish. Having said so, many people resist their passion for learning Spanish as it is one of the most difficult languages to learn. But, as the proverb says, “If there is a will, there is a way.” So, if you are asking yourself – How can I learn Spanish fast and fluently? You have come to the right place.

10 Tips on How to Learn Spanish Quickly

1. Apply immersion approach

Apply immersion approach

When you start learning Spanish, stop speaking in other languages at least for a month or two. Intensive Spanish immersion for at least weeks will make you more comfortable and knowledgeable about Spanish. If you cannot stop speaking in English or other languages due to your job or education, then at least try to minimize the amount of time you speak in those languages. Likewise, you can take the help of various Spanish immersion software programs. Some of these are FluentU, Language Zen, and Rocket Languages, etc.

2. Learn grammar thoroughly

Learn grammar thoroughly

The most important part of learning any language is learning its grammar. The more time you spend learning Spanish grammar, the better will be your understanding of the language. Focus on learning everything starting from basics. Invest 1 to 2 hours a day in learning Spanish grammar. Practice the grammar exercises often till you become an expert.

3. Live a Spanish life

Live a Spanish life

The more you get to know the Spanish culture, the more interesting and easier it will be for you to learn Spanish quickly. Listen to Spanish songs. Also, start watching Spanish movies and TV shows and follow the subtitles. Besides, start reading Spanish novels, recipes, and news. Get acquainted with the culture and the way people speak Spanish.

4. Keep a Spanish diary for vocabulary.

Keep a Spanish diary for vocabulary.

Keep a notebook for jotting down all the new words you learn in Spanish. You can learn new words from movies, songs, and even by speaking Spanish with others. Also, you can note down words from Spanish novels. So, you have to create your own word list either online or on a notepad. Thus, it will help you to increase your Spanish vocabulary.

5. Visit Spanish-speaking places

Visit Spanish-speaking places

Try to visit places where you can find Spanish-speaking people. It doesn’t need to be abroad; you can even find many places like Spanish restaurants or Spanish organizations near your area. You got to find some Spanish groups and hang out with them. This is a great way to practice how to speak Spanish.

6. Listening to Spanish

Listening to Spanish

Listening makes speaking easier for any language. So, spend more time listening to Spanish. This will help you understand the rhythm of the language along with its grammar. Some of the best Spanish listening practice tools are Gritty Spanish, KeRapido, SpanishPod101, LingQ, and Easy Spanish. All you need to do is listen to the language and practice them more often throughout the day.

7. Use Apps to learn Spanish quickly

Use Apps to learn Spanish quickly

If you want to speak Spanish in a short time, then start learning Spanish using an app. Mobile apps can help you learn Spanish without any hassle. Also, some apps can get you a partner to practice Spanish. Besides, you can learn the language with some fun elements along with some contests to win. Apps like Duolingo, FluentU, Rosetta Stone, and HiNative are some of the popular apps for learning Spanish.

8. Use Flashcards to learn more Spanish words

Use Flashcards to learn more Spanish words

Flashcards are the best ways to learn and remember words and their meanings. Use apps that use flashcards to help you with Spanish vocabulary. Use flashcard apps that use spaced repetition software. This will help you to learn many words in a short period. Thus, you can learn Spanish quickly.

9. Get help from a tutor

Get help from a tutor

Although you can learn the basics of Spanish, you would always need guidance from someone to learn advanced Spanish. A tutor can not only help you to get a grip over the language but also help you to practice speaking Spanish daily. Besides, a tutor can help you learn how and when to use certain words. Overall, you can speak Spanish just like the Spaniards with the help and guidance of a tutor. Many apps and online websites can help you to get a tutor who can teach you Spanish.

10. Take a Spanish learning course at a university

Take a Spanish learning course at a university

If you want to learn Spanish at a high level, then you must take a degree or short course in a university. Here you can learn the ins and outs of the language. Also, you will learn the origin and history of the language. Besides, various assignments and exams will make it more challenging for you. So, you will be able to read, write, and speak Spanish easily without much effort.

Now that we have shown you the best ways to learn Spanish quickly, it’s your turn to make the best use of these tips. Get enrolled in a Spanish course or start learning Spanish right away with the help of an app. After all, learning Spanish is not only beneficial for your career and business, but it even adds tons of fun when you learn a new language. So, get started with your first step to learning Spanish. Do not forget to let us know which of these tips have helped you the best. Happy Learning!


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