10 Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

November 21, 2022 Learning

Every foreign language has its own set of challenges. But fluent English speakers find some languages easier to learn than others. This is simply because of some similarities in grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation that make them the easiest languages to learn for English speakers.

However, you must remember that there are other factors responsible for you being fluent in other languages. In this article, you will find some easy languages to learn if you are proficient in English.

10 Easiest Languages to Learn for English speakers

  1. Norwegian

Although Norwegian is a German language, it is an easy language to learn for English speakers. There are many similarities between English and Norwegian Grammar. Also, each tense presents one form of the verb in a sentence. Besides, you have the freedom to pronounce a word in many different ways.


  1. Dutch

Dutch is another German language. It is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers. It is somewhat similar to English. You can find many identical words in both languages. The most difficult part of learning Dutch is the pronunciation. Many words sound like they are a mix of English and German. If you can overcome the challenge of learning pronunciation, then it will be easier for you to master the language.


  1. Swedish

Swedish is the national language of Sweden. The grammar rules and sentence structure of this language are simple to follow. However, the compound words are a bit complicated since the words as a whole have a different meaning than the words presented separately. One of the most interesting facts about this language is that it has three extra vowels. Another challenge is pronunciation. You might have to invest more time to learn the pronunciation of Swedish words.


  1. Spanish

Many English words have their roots in the Latin language. Latin is also the source of Spanish grammar and syntax. Besides, the pronunciation is not that difficult to learn. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers. It is because, unlike English, you can structure a sentence in more than one way. You can learn Spanish online easily without much effort.


  1. Portuguese

Portuguese is another easy language to learn. The Portuguese language has the same alphabet as the English language. This is a great advantage for English speakers. Besides, the language has its root in the Latin language. However, one of the things you need to know is that European Portuguese varies from Brazilian Portuguese in many different ways. So, before you start learning the language, you must decide which language you are opting for.


  1. Italian

Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers. English speakers use a lot of Italian words like the finale, solo, opera, fiasco, etc. Besides, Italian is an easy language to learn because of its similarities with the English language in terms of sentence structure. Also, the pronunciation is not that difficult.


  1. French

French is one of the most popular languages to learn. French vocabulary is somewhat similar to English. So, you will probably not have a tough time learning it. However, you may find it difficult at the beginning to pronounce some French words. But, with practice and perseverance, you can master that too.


  1. Romanian

Many of you might have been surprised to find the language in the list. But although it may sound unbelievable, the language has similarities with Italian, French, and Spanish languages in terms of vocabulary. Besides, learning pronunciation is also easy as it is a phonetic language.


  1. Danish

Danish is the official language of Denmark. Like Norwegian and Dutch, it shares a lot of similarities with English grammar rules. Even the vocabulary is also somewhat similar. The only difficulty you might face is learning the pronunciation.


  1. Indonesian

This also might come as a shock to many. Indonesian is one of the easiest Asian languages to learn. The language is phonetic. Besides, the sentence structure and grammar rules are also not that complicated. This makes it an easy language to learn.


We hope that the above list of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers will motivate you to learn new languages. Remember, no language is easy language to learn unless you are committed to investing your time, energy, and focus into it. Happy Learning!

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