Tips on How to Learn French in Easy Ways

March 28, 2022 Learning

We all have loved watching the famous French movie Amélie, but in its English version or with the English subtitles. Many of us must have yearned to learn French at that time to get inside quirky Amélie’s mind. Besides, being one of the languages for the international job market, French language has a great demand worldwide. Having said that many people give up on their dream to learn the language because of its complex grammar and other dissimilarities with the English language. This article will help you with a complete guide for learning French for beginners. Also, it will help you to find the best ways to learn French online.

A Complete Guide for Learning French for Beginners

Difficulties in learning French for Beginners

Before learning French, you must know the difficulties you might face during the learning process. Students face many challenges while learning French. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Difficulty to pronounce French words
  • Variety of French accent
  • Complicated spellings
  • Gender classification of words
  • Complex nature of French grammar

7 Tips on How to Learn French in Easy Ways

1. Use Audio

Use Audio

Learning French will be easy only with reading and writing materials. If you’re serious about learning French to communicate, then you have to invest time in listening to French audio clips. The main reason for this is the language comes with many glidings, muted letters, liaisons, etc. Therefore, studying a word will not be sufficient until you learn the usage and pronunciation of that word. Talking about audio, you can even start watching French movies to learn French. This way, it will not ruin your interest in the language.

2. Use Imagination not English Translation

Use Imagination not English Translation

Most of us tend to link French words to English words to make learning easier for ourselves. Since French differs from the English language in a variety of ways, we recommend linking the French words to images or imaginary situations. Thus, you can not only remember the words but will also be able to construct sentences.

3. Study French in Short Sessions

Study French in Short Sessions

Learning a new language can be exhausting if you try to learn it all in one go. Instead, learn regularly in short sessions. It is good to spend 20 to 30 minutes every day learning French for beginners. Thus, you will be able to keep both your focus and motivation for a longer period. Steady and slow learning will strengthen your foundation for learning any language.

4. Keep an Eye on French Social Media

Keep an Eye on French Social Media

It is the age of social media. Social media not only increases your interest but also keeps you engaged for a long time. If you are one of the people who love to be glued to social media for hours, you can use this addiction to learn French. You can join a Youtube community or a FB group aimed at learning French for beginners. This is one of the best ways to learn French online.

5. Learn with French Flashcards

Learn with French Flashcards

Flashcards are a great way to learn any language. Toddlers learn to read and understand language with the help of flashcards. So, you can imagine how much it can help adults to learn any language. Although you cannot learn all aspects of the language with the flashcards, you can learn words, sentences, and other vocabulary definitions with them. This is also the best way to learn French online since many apps that can help you create Flashcards.

6. Use Apps to Expedite Your French Learning Online

Use Apps to Expedite Your French Learning Online

Any app teaching the French language is another easy way to learn the language. Apps can help you learn a language in many different ways. Besides, there are many lessons and activities in these apps that help you develop more interest in the sessions. Some of the best apps to learn French are Duolingo, MosaLingua, French by Nemo, Busuu, etc. Also, there are many online games to practice French vocabulary., Digital Dialects, Polly Lingual, and Sam Amuse are some of the famous names that help you learn French with games.

7. Make Friends with French-speaking People

Make Friends with French-speaking People

Learning a language becomes easier when you get to practice it often. You can only practice speaking in French when people around you know the language. It will be a boon for you if you already have friends who can converse in this language. But if not, then it’s time to start making friends with French people or French-speaking people. Another way to do this is to browse websites that encourage the social gathering of like-minded people. Then you or anyone from the groups can organize events of different kinds that can help you all meet and practice French.

Learning French for beginners may seem to be difficult, but it is no rocket science. All you would need is patience, perseverance, and practice. Also, the best way to learn French online or offline is to get yourself enrolled in an intensive French Language course. This will help you to know how to learn French quickly in a disciplined and fast-paced learning environment.


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