7 Best Online Teaching Tools for Online Tutors and Teachers

October 04, 2021 Learning

What do teachers use for online teaching?

This question often arises in the minds of aspiring online teachers. The demand and popularity for digital learning are growing rapidly. So, in this new age of learning, the teachers are now keen to make the online learning experience better for the students. Thus, here comes the demand for the best online teaching tools.

Various companies have created some of the best tools for online teaching over the years. Their purpose is the same and that is to make the academic process easier for both the teaches and the students. Here we present the 7 most popular teaching tools to enhance the online teaching experience.

7 Best Online Teaching Tools



Thinglink is one of the most popular teaching tools. If you want to make your sessions more interesting with images and sound, then you must use this. Also, you can use it easily from a desktop or tablet. Besides, there are options for you to share the content on mobile, desktop, or even TV with a large screen. Overall, Thinglink can enhance the online learning experience through interactive content.



If you want to make your classroom sessions more interactive, then you must try Edpuzzle. It comes with a variety of features. With Edpuzzle, you can turn any video into an interesting lesson for the students by adding voice narrations. Also, there are options for you to track whether the students are watching the videos. Besides, the best thing is the basic plan is free for both the teachers and students.



Quizizz is one of the most engaging online tools for teachers. It allows you to create quizzes for your students. You can either make your own quiz or simply use the quizzes in their gallery. The best thing about it is you can even share it on Google classroom or use it as a game. Besides, there is a variety of subjects to choose from. Thus, with Quizizz, creating and sharing assessments is easy.



Visme is again one of the most useful and popular tools for online teaching. The best feature of Visme is that it allows you to create assignments for students. Also, you can use Visme to create presentations or infographics. Moreover, you can use different types of templates for different needs. Thus, Visme can help you create interactive and catchy content by creating charts, idea webs, or even mind maps, etc.



Edmodo is a popular online teaching tool for communication and collaboration. It helps teachers to bring all their teaching tools together. It turns the idea of social networking into a classroom. It allows the teachers to create groups and invite students to join them. Also, you can share assignments, quizzes, and notes with the students. Besides, you can even grade the assignments online.



Animoto is one of the most effective tools for online teaching. Online teaching demands improved and high-quality visual learning. With Animoto, you can create outstanding videos on your mobile and share them with your students. Also, you can use stock pictures and audio to make these videos more appealing. The best thing about this online teaching tool is that it is one of the most user-friendly video-making tools.

AWW or A Web Whiteboard App


A Web Whiteboard App is one of the best teaching tools for online learning platforms. A whiteboard is one of the most used teaching tools. Most of the teachers like to use whiteboards as it makes it easier for them to write notes in a classroom. AWW or A Web Whiteboard app fulfills this need of online teachers. Also, you can integrate it with your Zoom sessions. Not only that, you can even present your documents in PDF or presentation form to show them in your classroom.

The best way to start with these online tools for teaching is to use and explore the tools to know their best features. Also, most of the online teaching tools have both free and paid options. So, you can choose the plans as per your need. The more you use these tools for online classes, the better will be your skills over time. Many online learning platforms tend to have their own teaching tools. But it is still useful to have knowledge and experience of using some of the best tools for online teaching.


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