6 Most Popular Summer Jobs For College Students 2021

July 13, 2021 Online Tutoring Jobs

Finally, the summer is here! You are all hyped about going out to have some fun outdoor activities. You are even planning to take a trip to the countryside or a relaxing beach. But, have you considered this time to make some quick cash? Let’s make you rich during your summer break. Keep reading to get ideas about the best summer jobs for college students.

  1. Nanny


Most of the parents are on the lookout for care for their children during summer break. So, this is a great opportunity for college students who love spending time with kids to earn some quick bucks. This is one of the coolest summer jobs for college students as they get to spend some memorable time with kids. Moreover, the money is also pretty good. You can earn more than $15 per hour. So, if you love being active and are game for some adventure, then a nanny summer job is the best job for you.

  1. Office Assistant

Office Assistant

If you take pride in being an organized and responsible person, you should take up a summer job as an office assistant. An office assistant takes care of the phone calls and meetings. Also, this position requires one to take care of office supplies and some other activities.

So, in a few words, these types of summer jobs for college students need them to be more systematic, customer-centric and have an eye for detail. So, only apply for these positions, if you are confident enough to do this.

  1. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

If you are looking for a job that will give you the maximum flexibility and enough free time for yourself, then summer tutoring jobs for college students are the best jobs for you. Many online apps and websites offer tutoring jobs for college students online. You need to sign up as an online tutor and teach junior students.

Also, you can teach languages like Spanish, French, or English to working professionals. The best thing is you choose only the subjects you are an expert in. Besides, the summer tutoring jobs for college students allow you to earn more than any other summer jobs for college students. You can take as many sessions as you want to increase your earnings.

  1. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor

Are you a sport enthusiastic? Do you enjoy outdoor activities? If the answers to these questions are yes, you can make the best of it to earn you some handsome amount of money. You can find innumerable summer camps in the US. As a camp counselor, your job will be to plan out activities for these camps and make sure that everything in place. Also, you might have to train young children from time to time.

Some summer camp jobs might need a CPR certification. Also, there might be other requirements to ensure that you are physically fit to take up the job. No matter whatever the requirements are, strong will and stamina are the basic requirements for camp counselor summer jobs for college students.

  1. Food Service or Restaurant Job

Food Service

The food service industry is one of the best options to make money during summer break. Also, most of the restaurants tend to employ extra staff during summer. So, restaurant summer jobs are one of the most popular summer jobs in the USA. If you love interacting with people and serving them, then this is an ideal job for you. Besides, the pay can start from $10 per hour and go up to $20.

  1. Lifeguard


Summer keeps the beach and the pools crowded. It gives opportunities for the swimmers to make some money. Lifeguard summer jobs for college students can be available at your neighborhood pools or beaches. The best thing about these summer jobs is that they will keep you fit. Besides, you get paid to enjoy some outdoor fun.

Summer jobs for college students not only help them to earn money. They also help them to get a taste of how it feels to have a job. So, choose a job that you really love doing. Office assistant or summer tutoring jobs for college students pay a decent amount of money. Also, if you love moving around, you can choose a job that involves outdoor activities. No matter what you choose, do not compromise your self-time. After all, it’s your summer break too.


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