10 Best Study Tips for College to Improve Your Grades

January 03, 2022 Students

College means bigger classes, harder subjects, and a more serious approach to studying. So, most of the students find it difficult to cope up with this kind of academic pressure. This is the time when they realize that they can’t improve their grades if they follow their high school study habits at college. Let us tell you one secret about studying in college – it is not about hard work but smart working. Here we present 10 effective study tips for college. These tips will help you to achieve the best results.

10 Best Study Tips for College

1. Get Organized

Get Organized

The first and foremost important thing in a student’s life is to be organized. Start writing down your academic goals for each subject and how you plan to achieve them. Also, get ready with the required books, notebooks, syllabus, study planner, and other stationaries. Start setting reminders for assignments and exam dates. Besides, save all the necessary online resources on your computer.

2. Create a Study Routine

Create a Study Routine

Now that you have started organizing things, it’s time to be ready with a study calendar. You can either make this in a Google or Excel sheet or simply add the details in a Google calendar. This study calendar should include the dates and times of your daily study time. Also, it must show you the lessons you will be studying at a given time. For example, Monday may show 2 study sessions, one from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and another from 6.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Both the sessions will show the different lessons or content you are going to study for that time.

3. Focus on Classroom Study

Focus on Classroom Study

As a college student, you need to pay attention in the classroom. Make sure to follow the teacher and take notes. This will help you to learn a subject without difficulty as you can just review the class notes while self-studying. Besides, your teacher may or may not include some parts to your syllabus for the exam. So, paying attention will help you to know what to study in a chapter. Thus, it saves time and makes learning more effective. So, taking proper notes and paying attention in the classroom is one of the best study tips for college students.

4. Adopt A Methodical Study Practice

Adopt A Methodical Study Practice

Studying does not mean cramming without understanding the subject. Adopting a methodical approach towards studying is one of the best ways to study in college. You need to spend enough time to understand a chapter. Also, you need to review the classroom notes to help you get a better picture of the subject. Then only it will become easier for you to memorize it. Once you memorize the information, it’s time to check how much information you can retain. Try saying it aloud or write the important points down.

5. Apply Distributed or Spaced Practice

Apply Distributed or Spaced Practice

Distributed or Spaced Practice allows one to take small breaks in between study sessions. So, it breaks your study hours into short study sessions. For example, you may study for 1 hour and then take a 5 to 7 minutes break. You can continue the same pattern with the next 2 sessions. This is one of the best tips for studying in college or school.

6. Be A Teacher

Be A Teacher

The more you share what you have learned, the better you become in that subject. One of the best study tips for college is to be a teacher. This means teaching someone the information you have studied. You can do this with a family member or friend. Also, if you can’t find anyone to teach, you just pretend to be a teacher in a classroom teaching other students.

7. Keep Changing Study Spots

Keep Changing Study Spots

Studying at one spot day after day may be monotonous. This can even lead to losing interest in studies. To prevent that, you can start switching your study spots every alternate day or every week whichever way it suits you. Studying in college lawn, cafeteria, library, or corridors many elevate your mood and get you back on track.

8. Be Disciplined

Be Disciplined

Being disciplined is one of the best tips for studying in college. You need to stick to your daily study routine, be attentive in the classroom, and concentrate during self-study lessons. These will all be possible only if you are a self-disciplined person. Besides, college is the stepping stone to your career. So, a disciplined approach towards your academic and personal life will take you a long way from here. There’s an easy way to be a disciplined student. You have to constantly remind yourself of the consequences of your present and future actions.

9. Make the Best Use of Your Time

Make the Best Use of Your Time

Effective time management is again another best tip for studying in college. You need to make sure to utilize your time in the best possible ways. Some lessons might be much simpler than others. So, you need to schedule your study sessions accordingly so that you can give more time to the harder lessons.

10. Keep Yourself Motivated

Keep Yourself Motivated

Every goal or action needs a little push to get the work done. Self-motivation is the best tool for achieving any goal. As a college student, you might face many barriers to achieving your academic goals. Some of these might come uncalled. So, you must motivate yourself to be prepared for them at any point in time. Besides, we all learn from our mistakes and failures. So, one must be ready to accept failures and move on. This should not demotivate you or deviate you from your major goals in life. This is not only one of the best ways to study but also to live life.

Now that we have shared the best study tips for college with you, it’s your turn to show us the result after you apply them in your life. Remember, you need to follow the methods religiously. Thus, you can find these study tips to be the best ways to study in the long run. But we also advise you not to push yourself much hard at the beginning. Instead, take a slow, study, and methodical approach toward studying.


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